The Hardest Places to Clean in Your Kitchen and How to Clean Them

Your regular house cleaning schedule a method is important in keeping your kitchen presentable, clean, and healthy. However, your normal method of cleaning might sometimes overlook the important parts of the kitchen. Having a thoroughly cleaned kitchen is important for health. Here, in this article, we will give you the sneaky nooks and crannies you are overlooking in your cleaning sessions and how to make sure you get to clean them swiftly.  

1.Sink including the disposal and drain 

You will be needing some baking soda and a sponge for this cleaning procedure. Even after cleaning the sink, you would notice that there are still grimes left, and that you have been cleaning a very dirty sink for too long. To clean thoroughly, sprinkle some baking soda and leave it for few hours (but for best results, you may leave it overnight). After leaving it for some hours, you may use the sponge to wide down the grime. Rinse thoroughly 

2.Your stove hood and fan 

You may need a cloth, baking soda, all-purpose cleaning solution, and a brush. You might be wiping your stove from time to time, removing all the chunks of foods on the surface. However, this is not enough as grimes, oils, and other dirt still can stuck on certain areas. It is important that you clean it at least once a month. TO do this, use the cloth to wipe down the grease and oil that have been accumulated. Remove the filters and run a sink with hot water and let them seat for about 30 minutes. After removing the water, put and sprinkle some baking soda to remove the dirt and odor left. Leave it for a few minutes before finally scrubbing with a brush. Rinse and dry.  

3.Your refrigerator fans and coils 

You might be cleaning your ref and remove unnecessary food on a regular basis, but you are overlooking the back area of the ref. It is important to clean the fans and coils as they are the very thing that makes your food cool and frozen. Over time, they will accumulate some dirt, dust, hair, and others. You will need a cloth, brush, sponge and some dish soap for this cleaning.  

To start, unplug first the appliance. Remove all the dirt and dust using the brush. Avoid using a liquid cleaning solution this time. After brushing, use your cloth to remove dust and other debris that were not removed by the brush. To have a thorough cleaning, dry with a cloth before putting it back to its place and turning it on.  

4.Your silverware drawers 

You will be needing some vacuum and a sponge. Some of the homeowners forget how crucial it is to clean on a regular basis the silverware drawers as they accumulate some crumbs, dirt, dust, etc. To clean, you can scrape the dust and the dirt through the sponge. If it has a sticky grim, you may use water and soap to remove it. Finish it by vacuuming the silver drawers. Use a hand-held vacuum for this.